7 Best Self-publishing Podcasts

When you’re just starting out with your book writing, and/or publishing business (or even if you’re not), it’s a good idea to stay current with the latest trends and tips in the self-publishing world. Personally, I find podcasts to be one of the most accessible ways to stay in the know. They’re a great way to keep up to date on the news, gain tips from successful authors, and generally learn more.

Therefore, I’ve assembled my recommendations for the best self-publishing podcasts out there. These are all podcasts that I personally listen to and enjoy. And they’re also podcasts that currently produce episodes. I’ll probably revisit this list eventually, to make sure that I include any new podcasts I find helpful, or to remove any that have stopped producing regular episodes.

I’ve arranged these podcasts in my preferred order of usefulness, with the most useful at the bottom. I hope you find them to be as useful in your self-publishing education as I did!

7) Grammar Girl

Focus Area: Craft

Though different from the rest of these podcasts, I’ve found Grammar Girl to be quite useful to stay on top of my self-copyediting. Each episode features several tips on correct grammar, sometimes tackling some obscure ones that divide even the grammarians of the world. The episodes are short, so it won’t take up much of your day.

6) Creative Writing Career

Focus Area: Business

This is a great podcast, not just for those interested in writing books, but for any kind of creative writing. And the hosts bring in a huge combined portfolio. Stephan Bugaj (Pixar’s Brave, Wall-E, The Incredibles), Justin Sloan (Telltale’s Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Minecraft: Story Mode), and Kevin Tumlinson (Citadel, Lucid, The 30-Day Author) each have a lot to tell. The podcast mostly features interviews with industry professionals and each episode is relatively short.

5) The Creative Penn

Focus Area: Various

The Creative Penn comes from one of self-publishing’s longest and strongest advocates. Joanna Penn holds weekly interviews with industry professionals and covers a wide range of topics related to self-publishing. Not all of her topics are always relevant to what I’m interested in, and some are definitely not for beginners. But few people know the industry like Joanna Penn.

4) Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula

Focus Area: Business

Another industry veteran, Mark Dawson is one of the industry’s most respected authors. Not only has he made himself into a highly successful thriller writer, but he has some of the best courses and information about self-publishing that you’ll find anywhere. Each episode features interviews with a variety of professionals, and occasionally we get a master class-type podcast from Mark Dawson himself.

3) Sci-fi & Fantasy Marketing Podcast

Focus Area: Business

Since this website is primarily geared for self-publishers in the science fiction and fantasy genres, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a podcast for that too! The Science Fiction and Marketing podcast interviews new people every week, and the hosts have a great chemistry together, not to mention an excellent track record of their own success. As far as self-publishing podcasts that interview self-published authors and other professionals, this is the podcast that I recommend the most.

2) Sell More Books Show

Focus Area: Industry News

The Sell More Books Show is one of a kind. In fact, I don’t know of any other podcast that does anything like it. Unlike many of the other podcasts, these guys don’t interview other authors. Instead, they collect information from the industry. This includes tips collected from other author websites and podcasts, as well as the latest news stories in the industry. So if you want to keep your ear to the digital ground, this is the podcast to listen to. I personally like it a lot to keep tabs on what Amazon is up to.

1) Writing Excuses

Focus Area: Craft

Here it is, my number 1 favorite podcast for writers. Unlike most of these others, Writing Excuses does not focus on the business of self-publishing. In fact, it’s more relatable to the traditional publishing side of the coin. But the emphasis is primarily on the craft of writing. Writing Excuses features very successful authors. Ever heard of Brandon Sanderson? Or Mary Robinette Kowal? They are regular hosts of this show, among a handful of others.

Add to that the fact that most of the hosts are science fiction or fantasy writers, so they’re perfect for fans and writers of those genres. Plus, the episodes are short and highly useful for their size. If you can only listen to one podcast from this list, listen to Writing Excuses.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these 7 best self-publishing podcasts. I listen to each of them religiously. I know there are a lot of other podcasts related to writing, publishing, and marketing a book. And I may add some of those to this list as I discover some I like. But we don’t have all the time in the world to listen to everything, and I’ve narrowed down my favorites to these 7. I hope you find them useful!

May these podcasts help you live your dream and tell your story.

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