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Hello, Welcome to the Nerdy Novelist, where I am on a quest to become a master storyteller, and I’m bringing all of you with me. 

Here you will find helpful tips, strategies, and information on how to tell stories that resonate with audiences, with topics covering plot, character, worldbuilding, and much, MUCH more. Seriously, there’s almost too much to cover. I need about ten more hours in my day.

Most of my videos are aimed at fantasy and science fiction authors, since that’s what I am, but that doesn’t mean that other storytellers won’t find value here as well. It just means that I’m a lousy source of information on how to write a good Billionaire Romance. But we will absolutely delve into various forms of storytelling besides writing novels, including writing for film and television, games, tabletop RPGs, and comic books. And you’d be surprised how many principles of storytelling are universal.

If you are an author looking to create characters that readers will love, screenwriters seeking to tighten their plot, game masters interested in creating huge, expansive worlds, or just a storytelling hobbyist, then subscribe to the channel and hit the little bell icon to be notified when new videos arrive.

So join me and together we will rule our made up galaxies as master storytellers. It’s time to start writing.

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