Super Important, Super Secret VIP Page

Welcome! Below you will find all the freebies that I’ve put together over the years. The most important offering is my prompt engineering handbook, which I regularly update:

Prompt Engineering Fiction Prompts

This is my top offer right now, a list of all the prompt engineering fiction prompts for use with AI, especially with ChatGPT.

I update this document regularly, so be sure to check back for new and improved versions.

Blogging for Authors Checklist

This is the exact process I use when creating content for my other websites.

It walks you through the entire content creation process, from idea generation to the final polish.

cover of the blogging for authors checklist

Are You In Burnout?

The most important thing an author needs is energy. With it, you can write as many books as you need.

But many authors are already burning out and don’t even know it. Wait too long, and this could lead to months or even years without writing.

Thankfully, I’ve got a checklist of the most common signs of burnout, along with the behaviors you can adopt (or remove) to avoid them.

burnout checklist